What to Wear This Halloween? 5 Crazy Ideas from EnvyCorner

Finally, October is here. One of the most exciting holidays is upon us! On October 31st, you can dress up as whoever you want, and enjoy Halloween to its fullest. But there’s a problem. Who do you dress up as? Lucky for you, Envy Corner has your back. We’ve come up with a list of 5 Halloween costume ideas that’ll make you stand out in any crowd. Read on to find out more about the spooky and hot outfits we have for you.

NY Police Officer

First up, here’s a police officer costume that’ll make you turn some heads. It’s an 8 piece outfit that comes with a baby blue crop top and a black mini skirt. To complete the outfit, you have a hat, belt, badge, handcuffs, Walkie Talkie and Baton. This outfit will turn you into a cop for a day and fulfill your fantasy.

First Mate Pirate Costume

Next up is a spooky outfit. This is the perfect costume for you if you’ve ever wanted to be a pirate. This 4 piece includes a peasant top halter dress, a foam sword, belt, and arm pieces. Match it up with some long boots and a hat, and you’re good to go!

Halftime Hottie Referee

The third option is less spooky and more fun. With this stretch-knit A-line microfiber striped dress, you’ll be the one creating the rules. The outfit comes with a cap and whistle with an attached string. Let your hair down, put on some boots, and go have fun. You know what to do if someone is being naughty.

Snow Princess Costume

Are you the fairest of them all? With this outfit, you can be! This Snow White costume’s main piece is a stretch microfiber dress that’s exactly from the cartoon. It comes with attached stand-up collar, built-in petticoat, lace ruffle detail, satin bows, and contrast piping. To finish it off, the outfit includes a red satin bow headband. Take a red apple with you and nobody will walk past you without an impression.

Queen Of Hearts Costume

Last but not least, we have a Queen of Hearts costume. Now this one is a fantasy for sure! The outfit comes with a microfiber halter dress with sequin hearts, removable sequin heart garters, and padded and quilted hem. And no queen is a queen without her tiara, so we have that for you too! Put this on, and you’re ready to go collect some hearts.

Don’t miss the holiday of the month just because you don’t have an outfit. Get one of these options, and you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable night, plus fulfill a fantasy. You can thank us later for making you shine wherever you go.