Top Bikini Sets for Summer 2023

The swimming season is in full swing, so it's time to look for a bikini costume for your next beach holiday! 

No matter which beaches or poolsides you're exploring this summer, one thing is clear: the perfect summer break is only complete with an exclusive bikini suit.

The bikini was born at a Paris poolside photo shoot on July 5, 1946, a week before Bastille Day and amid a global textile shortage. 
The designer, former French engineer Louis Réard, introduced the modern bikini, modeled by Micheline Bernardini.
Nowadays, bikinis are ubiquitous. They are an integral part of our summer fashion and more. 

Enjoy some fun and get ready for your unforgettable seaside vacation or a pool party with EnvyCorner’s bikini sets.
Let’s make a tour.

Mermaid Bikini Complete Set

Embrace your inner mermaid in Roma's new mermaid string bikini, made of iridescent material featuring a scale-printed halter top with adjustable cups, a tie-back closure, and a matching tie-side bikini bottom. Mermaid gloves are included.
This bikini set is an excellent combination of comfort and elegance. 
It’s an instant pick-me-up!

Fringed White/Silver Metallic Bikini Set

Get ready to immerse yourself in the allure of a fringed metallic bikini set.
It features a halter bikini top with fringe detail, a tie back, a matching tie side, and a scrunch-back bikini bottom.
Our thoughtfully designed bikini set will accentuate your sensuality and help you make the most of your holiday.
The set is available in two colors: metallic white and metallic lime green. Feel fresh and recharged in the right summer costume!

Dip It In Glitter Bikini Set

Envy Corner’s glitter bikini set is designed to emphasize and compliment your lovely body curves.
The hot and sexy dance bikini set features a halter tie triangle bikini top with rhinestones, tie-back closure, and a matching bottom.
Whether you're headed to the pool, beach, or summer festivals, it will be an iconic piece in your bikini collection! Unleash your sensuality with this shiny swimwear.

Black and White Halter Top and Bikini Bottom

A beautiful merge of black and white is always trendy!
The black and white halter top and bikini bottom is a must-have bikini sets that your holiday won't be complete without.
Black White zig-zag print halter top with an o-ring front features a thick black band, a Hook back closure, a matching bikini bottom with o-ring details, and a sexy scrunch back.

Cat Print Decal Dance Bikini

Be the envy of the beach in a cat print bikini piece bound to turn heads.
The hot and adorable bikini set features a cat print decal on a white halter top and a matching bikini T-back bottom.
The print adds a fun and playful touch to the swimsuit, making it a perfect choice for sunny beach days and vacations.

The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever.
So try out Envy Corner’s sexiest and trendiest beach looks this summer for a memorable summertime!