Polka Dot Bikini – Sexy Swimwear of 2014

Pretty Polka Dots

Today we’re going to be looking at the iconic and always fashionable polka dot bikini! In particular, this gorgeous little number.

It goes without saying that the polka dot bikini is one of the most iconic items of beachwear in fashion history, and it’s easy to see why! In the world of fashion, it often seems that trends vanish as quickly as they appear –

Black White Polka Dot Pinup Bra and High Waist Short

However, this has not been a problem for the humble polka dot. This stylish pattern has defied the conventions of fashion and stood the test of time – and for good reason. Now, we’re going to explain exactly why the polka dot bikini is just perfect for you!

Blue Polka Dot Pinup Bra and High Waisted Short

Our featured black and white polka dot pin-up bra and high waist shorts bikini combination wonderfully demonstrates the versatility and vogue of the polka dot pattern.

Black and Pink Polka Dot Tie Front Top and Pinup Shorts

Classic vintage chic and raunchy modern style meet and combine seamlessly to create beachwear that’s as cute as it is classy and as sophisticated as it is sexy! Everything about this two piece just screams “style!”. It’s a design which appears deceptively simple at first glance… But let’s take a closer look.

What we have here is a bikini that has been streamlined to perfection. The high waist, figure hugging shorts wrap comfortably around your hips, accentuating your captivating curves and lengthening your luscious legs. Meanwhile, the cute bikini top works your top half, delicately framing your bosom and subtly adding volume. The cream and ebony colouring creates a surface aura of vintage chic, whilst the polka dot pattern and tight-fitting design hint at the underlying playfulness that’s inside every girl… And that is why we love this bikini!

Polka Dot Pinup Bra and High Waisted Banded Short Red White

If ebony isn’t quite your color – don’t fret. Here at Envy Corner, we love variety as much as you do! We’re happy to inform you that this bikini also comes in a seductive red or sapphire blue. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, there’s even a pink & ebony variation!

This is beachwear for the confident and classy modern girl who has an eye for sophistication and an appreciation for the finer things in life. We guarantee that you’ll exude elegance, feel fabulous and look absolutely gorgeous when you’re wearing this bikini!

Remember, ladies – it doesn’t have to be ultra-revealing to be ultra-sexy. In fact, sometimes leaving a little to the imagination is even more tantalizing and provocative than opting for the skimpiest bikini in your collection!

In the words of prominent fashion designer Marc Jacobs:

“I don’t think there is ever a wrong time for a polka dot.”

We couldn’t agree more, Marc.. Give the polka dots a try, ladies – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!  Visit Envy Corner’s exclusive selection of sexy swimming suits now!