5 Spicy Long-Sleeve Outfits for Fall

Summer is over, which means that the weather is getting chilly, the leaves will start falling soon, and it’s time to get in the Fall mood. We know you’d hate to take a jacket with you and end up carrying it all night when you go out. That’s why, before the weather gets too cold, we recommend you fill your closet with much-needed long-sleeve outfits. We’ve put together a list of 5 dazzling pieces that’ll make you shine. Here are the top spicy outfits for Fall.

Long Sleeved Dress with Cutout Detail

Starting off with a fiery dress, here’s a bright maroon red mini-dress with long sleeves. It features a high neck and a front keyhole cutout to show off your beautiful cleavage. The cutout also creates the impression of a choker necklace which spices up the outfit even more. Whether you wear this dress with stilettos or high-heel boots, with your hair up or with your hair down, you’ll be the sexiest woman in the room.

Long Sleeve Skater Dress with Criss-Cross Strap

Next up, here’s a dress that’s luscious and adorable at the same time. This skater dress comes in perfect fall colors - black and burgundy, has long-sleeves, yet shows off a lot of skin. It features a deep V neckline, extremely short sides, and criss-cross straps along the waist. This mini dress can make you look like a ballerina or a baddie, depending on how you accessorize it. Check out this eye candy for yourself, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with it.

Sheer Mesh Sleeved Mini Dress

The third piece we’ve prepared is dedicated to those who want to look badass. Here’s a black faux leather mini dress that features sheer mesh shoulders and long-sleeve arms. It also has a high neck detail that resembles a leather choker. This looks elegant and irresistible at the same time, so it definitely has its place in your wardrobe.

Grey Pajama Lounge Set

Next, we have a long-sleeve sweater set that you can wear to lounge around. Although this set is cute enough to wear outside, we want you to feel comfortable when you’re relaxing on your day off too. Here’s a grey off-the-shoulder knit crop top that comes with matching high-waisted shorts, plus features a material that feels like you’re in a cloud. Make yourself feel good even when nobody's watching. This lounge set is absolutely worth it.

Bedroom Lace Dress

Finally, here’s a long-sleeve dress for the bedroom. This dark gray mini dress will make you look as seductive as ever, featuring eyelash lace, a double band empire waist, and deep front and back V necklines. With its vertical stripe detail, it'll accentuate your waist and give a caged look. This can be the perfect gift for your significant other.

We don’t want you to get cold when the sun sets. So, get these long-sleeved beauties for your Fall closet, and be prepared for some chilly nights. Whether you want a dress for going out, lounging at home, or having a sexy night with your partner, you’ll find what you’re looking for in these 5 spicy outfits.