5 Sensual Accessories to Spice up Your Day and Night

Your clothes are the main component of your outfits, but accessories shouldn’t be ignored. Accessories are the missing piece that will complete your looks. Especially in the bedroom, where clothes are not so important, accessories play a huge role. Are you looking to spice up your nights and days? We have you covered. Envy Corner has put together a list of 5 pieces that are simply essential. Want to learn more? Keep reading.

Studded Police Hat

First things first, we have a studded police hat for your role-playing needs. Who hasn’t fantasized about getting it on with a police officer? Especially a police officer with a shiny hat. Get this piece and surprise your significant other. A passionate night is guaranteed by us.

Gun Leg Holster

Keeping up with the police theme, we have a gun leg holster to make you look sexier than ever. If you wear just this gun holster with the studded police hat mentioned above, it will turn on your partner in an instant. You could also get a fake gun for the complete effect of a police officer. You can’t imagine how badass this outfit will make you feel.

Feather Angel Wings

If being a dangerous police officer is not your thing, you can become an Angel instead. These wings come in white or black, so they can make you look either innocent or devilish. The choice is yours, but we are sure you’ll have a good time wearing this piece. You can even get them in both colors - white for the day and black for night.

Sheer Back Seam Stockings

This piece is a must-have for all women. It’s like the little black dress of accessories. Nothing spices up an outfit like some sexy stockings. These come in black, white, and red, so you can choose your favorite, or get all of them to match with different outfits. You can wear these with anything, or maybe even nothing. We promise they will serve you for a very long time.

Studded Sheer Black Long Wrap

Last but not least, we have a very unique piece. You can wear this both to lounge around your house, or with some sexy lingerie, and it’ll make you look as sexy as ever. This long sheer wrap is attached to a rhinestone-studded band and comes in both white and black. Just like the angel wings, you can get both colors - one for the night, and one for the day. Not only is this piece sexy, but it’s also comfortable and leaves some things to the imagination.

These pieces are hand-picked and recommended by Envy Corner, guaranteeing passionate days and nights for you and your significant other. Get one or maybe even all of these pieces to give your wardrobe a refresh after quarantine. You can thank us later for spicing up your time in the bedroom.