Sexiest Swimwear from Envy Corner

sexy-swimwearAre you looking for that special swimwear? Look no further than Envy Corner. We have the hottest swimwear collections that you will fall in love with.

Whether you want to go to a small pool or a crowded beach, you will be in the center of attention in Envy Corner´s sexiest swimwear ever.

Love pink? Then imagine yourself lying on the beach in our Strappy Polka Dot Micro Bikini. Polka dot triangle top with halter straps and tie back closure and matching bottom with a double strapped waistband is for hot ladies.
One size fits most dress size 2 – 8. Get it and have all eyes on you.

For those who prefer various colors, Envy Corner´s Strappy Rainbow Dance Bikini would be the right choice. The swimwear features lycra bikini top and matching g-string with contrast trim. One size fits most dress size 2 – 8. Summer, tropical breeze, the sexiest outfit. What else?

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, our Royal Blue Butterfly Tie Side Bikini is probably the best find. Royal blue tie side bikini features adjustable triangle cups, halter straps, tie back closure, and matching royal blue thong back bottoms with a silver butterfly embellishment. Are you brave enough to wear this bikini? Are you ready for so much attention?

Do you like Zig Zag shapes? Two Piece Zig Zag Print Sexy Bikini Set features a triple strap halter bikini top with o-ring details and matching triple strap bikini bottom with o-ring details on the sides and a sexy scrunch back. Shown with faux fur leg warmers which are not included in the price. You might want to get them separately to complete the look.

If you don´t like many tones, Envy Corner´s Two Tone Micro Bikini set is what you need.
Sexy two tone micro bikini features adjustable triangle cups with pink trim, halter straps, tie back closure, and matching two tone strappy thong back bottoms with silver O-ring details.

For more options, go to Envy Corner´s swimwear page.

Be the sexiest lady on the beach this summer!

Polka Dot Bikini – Sexy Swimwear of 2014

Pretty Polka Dots


Today we’re going to be looking at the iconic and always fashionable polka dot bikini! In particular, this gorgeous little number.

It goes without saying that the polka dot bikini is one of the most iconic items of beachwear in fashion history, and it’s easy to see why! In the world of fashion, it often seems that trends vanish as quickly as they appear –

Black White Polka Dot Pinup Bra and High Waisted Short

Black White Polka Dot Pinup Bra and High Waist Short

However, this has not been a problem for the humble polka dot. This stylish pattern has defied the conventions of fashion and stood the test of time – and for good reason. Now, we’re going to explain exactly why the polka dot bikini is just perfect for you!

Blue Polka Dot Pinup Bra and High Waisted Short

Blue Polka Dot Pinup Bra and High Waisted Short


Our featured black and white polka dot pin-up bra and high waist shorts bikini combination wonderfully demonstrates the versatility and vogue of the polka dot pattern.

Polka Dot Pinup Bra and High Waisted Banded Short Red White Front RM3121

Polka Dot Pinup Bra and High Waisted Banded Short Red White


Black and Pink Polka Dot Tie Front Top and Pinup Shorts

Black and Pink Polka Dot Tie Front Top and Pinup Shorts

Classic vintage chic and raunchy modern style meet and combine seamlessly to create beachwear that’s as cute as it is classy and as sophisticated as it is sexy! Everything about this two piece just screams “style!”. It’s a design which appears deceptively simple at first glance… But let’s take a closer look.

What we have here is a bikini that has been streamlined to perfection. The high waist, figure hugging shorts wrap comfortably around your hips, accentuating your captivating curves and lengthening your luscious legs. Meanwhile, the cute bikini top works your top half, delicately framing your bosom and subtly adding volume. The cream and ebony colouring creates a surface aura of vintage chic, whilst the polka dot pattern and tight-fitting design hint at the underlying playfulness that’s inside every girl… And that is why we love this bikini!


If ebony isn’t quite your color – don’t fret. Here at Envy Corner, we love variety as much as you do! We’re happy to inform you that this bikini also comes in a seductive red or sapphire blue. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, there’s even a pink & ebony variation!


This is beachwear for the confident and classy modern girl who has an eye for sophistication and an appreciation for the finer things in life. We guarantee that you’ll exude elegance, feel fabulous and look absolutely gorgeous when you’re wearing this bikini!


Remember, ladies – it doesn’t have to be ultra-revealing to be ultra-sexy. In fact, sometimes leaving a little to the imagination is even more tantalizing and provocative than opting for the skimpiest bikini in your collection!


In the words of prominent fashion designer Marc Jacobs:

“I don’t think there is ever a wrong time for a polka dot.”

We couldn’t agree more, Marc.. Give the polka dots a try, ladies – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!  Visit Envy Corner’s exclusive selection of sexy swimming suits now!


Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas 2013 is from June 18 to June 25


Electric Daisy Carnival Wear - RaveWear - Shinny Short set
Shinny Short set – Electric Daisy Carnival Wear – RaveWear

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is an international electronic dance music festival event that’s usually held in Spring, Summer, and Fall months. This year, from June 18 to June 25 the Electric Daisy Carnival will be held in Las Vegas. A company called Insomniac founded Electronic Daisy Dance Carnival, which has grown massively over the past few years.

Daisy Carnival Wear - Rainbow hooded bikini Set

Rainbow Hooded Set Pink Back – Electric Daisy Carnival Wear

With an increase from 30,000 attendees to over 180,000 over the past 2 years, EDC is one of the most exhilarating raves of the season. They have the best music by the world class DJs with amazing stage décor, especially stage lighting, that gives stimulus of the night. Insomniac puts up the best events possible and they really go well above and beyond to entertain.


Daisy Carnival Wear Hooded Set Pink Flames Back

Hooded Set Pink Flames Back for Daisy Carnival

One of the things that attracts people to this Rave is the fact that you can act anyway you want, dress whatever crazy rave costume you want, and be a complete weirdo. You can act your crazy self and you’ll have people join along! There is no judgment or weird looks.




What to wear at Daisy Carnival - Sequence Bikini

Sequence Bikini Multi Back for Daisy Carnival Wear

People predict that this year’s Electric Dance Festival will be the most favorite Rave of the Year. Since it’s electric and involves dance, the best Rave costume to show up at this Carnival is in one of Envy Corner’s Rave Wear Collection. Envy Corner has the best Rave Wear, and if you are going to the Electric Dance Carnival, the you need the Rave Wear to go with the electricity that you will experience at the festival.


Wear at Electric Daisy Carnival this hooded Halter bikini set

Hooded Halter Top Set Silver

Displayed in this blog are some Rave Wear Daisy Festival Costumes, where you will definitely find your rave wear to go along with the electric environment.  Whether it’s a Sequence Bikini or Shiny Short Set Rave Wear, you will be the envy of the Carnival with Envy Corner’s Costumes.  Choose several and go party!

Sexy Lingerie Care Instructions

This article is dedicated in providing information on how to take care of your sexy lingerie.

Sexy Baby Doll Lingerie with Bows

Sexy Baby Doll Lingerie with Bows

Above all, it’s always a good idea to double check the tag that came with your lingerie, but you may also want to follow some pointers that are noted here, in keeping your lingerie in the best condition.

It’s usually recommended that you hand wash any kind of lingerie with lukewarm water.  Honestly, machine washing may shrink the fabric and damage the wires of the bra.  However, if you have a special lingerie bag, you may just be able to wash it in a delicate or hand wash cycle.  Make sure you wash it with cold water under delicate cycle.

Sexy Satin Babydoll Lingerie Turquoise Back

Sexy Satin Babydoll Lingerie Turquoise Back

Probably the most important thing to remember in washing your sexy lingerie is to separate the colors and wash each lingerie with similar colors.  Mixing the colors will result in the colors of the fabric being mixed and will give you a nasty mix of all colors…which you will want to avoid.

You should hand squeeze the water out of your garment and let it air, flat, or place on towel to dry.  Make sure you shape your garment into its regular shape, before drying. Do not put them in the dryer, or use a fabric softener, as the heat makes the fabric loose its quality.

Sexy Bra and panty Set

Sexy Bra and panty Set

For silk lingerie, you may iron when the garment is still damp, to avoid damage to the material.  For other fabrics, it’s best to follow instruction on the tag, to avoid any type of heat damage to the garment.  Leather garments need to be stored in a ventilated area and the stains cleaned right away.  Otherwise, the stain may not clean off later.

Sexy Bikini and Swimwear Collections of 2013!


Sexy Bikini with celtic rings and skull beads

Bikini with celtic rings and skull beads

Look sensational in the sexiest bikinis of 2013 offered exclusively at the lowest prices by Envy Corner.  Look sexy and hot at the beach or by the pool in any one of their sexy bikinis. 


Flirt your way – all the way, whether it’s at a pool party, or hitting the waves at the beach…have fun and look adorably sexy in any one-of-a-kind sexy swimwear.


Envy Corner’s collection of sexy bikinis is so hot and wild, your honey will not be able to resist you not even for a minute, once you get in one of those!



criss cross tie side monokini sexy bikini

Criss-cross Tie Side Monokini

Buy Envy Corner’s selections of Sexy bikinis like this Bikini with Celtic Rings and Skull Beads.

Or you might want to try different colored Crisscross Tie Side Monokini (one piece bikini).

Their Happiness Peace Bikini with Pucker Back Tie Side is also very sexy and adorable.


sexy happiness bikini pucker back tie side bikini

Happiness Bikini Pucker Back Tie Side Bikini




Be the first one to try Envy Corner’s Stud Bikini Set in different colors like olive green, black and others.



sexy stud bikini set olive green

Stud Bikini Set Olive Green










You will sure look perfect in any one of the sexy swimwear that you choose from Envy Corner.

Ravewear Collection of SEXY BIKINIS!

Envy Corner just launched their RAVEWEAR, the cutest and sexiest bikini collections.

Summer is coming soon and it’s time to think about how you should look at the beach or at the pool party!  Have you seen Envy Corner’s new Ravewear Collection of sexy bikinis?  If not, then you have been missing out on some super sexy bikinis of 2013!

You should really check it out, but in the meantime, read about them here.

Sexy Bikini Short with Suspenders Set

Sexy Bikini Short with Suspenders Set

This sexy bikini set is really adorable and popular, and is one of my favorites from RaveWear Collection of sexy poolside wear. It is called Short with Suspenders Set, RM3063TSH.  It comes with sexy metallic booty shorts with suspenders and sequin tube top. The Rhinestone belt (RM3090), thigh wrap (RM3022), and fur leg warmers (RMC121) are not included, but you sure can take advantage of these and order with your sexy Ravewear short with suspenders set.   This sexy set comes in many colors: black, pink, gold, silver, and gunmetal. Take this sexy wear to the beach or enjoy yourself at pool side!

Hooded Halter Top Set - Sexy Bikini Sets

Hooded Halter Top Set



Beat the heat with our sexy Hooded Halter Top Set (RM3056TSH).  It comes with 2 piece hooded metallic tie front halter top and pucker back shorts.  Thigh wrap, fur leg warmers, and stripped leg warmer are not included, but you certainly can order those in one purchase. Three choices of colors for this sexy poolside bikini are available for this hooded halter set:  silver, gunmetal, and brown leopard, pictured.

Check out many more selections of Envy Corner’s Ravewear collection of sexy bikinis and be the ENVY!