Top 5 Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas to try this Month

October is here and one of the most exciting events of the year is approaching. Halloween brings along an abundant amount of fun. However, it also brings a very difficult decision. What are you going to dress up as this year? Luckily for you, Envy corner is here to help. With these five amazing costumes, you can be sure to look stunning and unique on that spooky day. Read on to find out about the perfect outfits to wear this year.

halloween costumesGoddess of love costume

The first option that Envy Corner offers is the goddess of love. The outfit is a red romper with draped sleeves featuring a slit skirt that highlights your legs. It comes with a gold waistband with a heart centerpiece. You can also get the golden headband that will serve as a crown and complete your outfit. If you wish to capture the hearts of everyone, this is the outfit for you. It will make you feel as enchanting as ever and make sure you look simply mesmerizing.

Devil mistress costumeDevil mistress costume

This next option is basically the opposite of the outfit mentioned before. It features a red sequin dress that shows off your body. You can also get a horn holster to accentuate the symbolism of the devil. This costume will literally make you shine and feel sexy this Halloween.

Cat prowler costumeCat prowler costume

Following the popular trend of Halloween costumes, dressing up as a cat prowler won’t only make you look sexy but also feel like it. The costume includes a black catsuit with lace-up details on your chest and legs. It also comes with cat ears that will make the outfit whole. The catsuit is made of nylon and spandex which will enhance your figure and show off your best qualities. The outfit will give you confidence and make you feel like a badass. So, if you want to leave the impression of a bold personality, this is the costume to go for.

Cleopatra of the Nile costumeCleopatra of the Nile costume

This is one of the most unique outfits you can choose to wear. The gold overlap slit maxi dress that characterizes this historical figure will make you feel as sexy and powerful as Cleopatra herself. The outfit includes a waistband with a panel that gives off the feel of historic Egyptian times. Furthermore, you will get a neck piece and a headband to take your look to the next level.

Mermaid temptress costumeMermaid temptress costume

The last option you can choose is the mermaid temptress costume. It features a teal-emerald color long dress detailed with a mermaid tail. The top of the dress is a purple padded shell top. Since the dress is made of nylon and spandex, it will show off the best features of your body. The outfit resembles Ariel, the little mermaid, so, wearing this outfit will fulfill your childhood dreams while, at the same time, make sure you shine anywhere you go.

These five costumes are very different, so, there’s something for everyone here. Thanks to Envy Corner you no longer need to worry about what to wear on October 31st, the scariest day of the year.


Look Outstanding in Our Sexy Halloween Costumes

halloween-costumes-envycornerAre you ready for Halloween 2017 party? There is no much time left, Halloween is just around the corner so make sure you have chosen the right apparel for this special event.

What makes Halloween special? Halloween outfit, jewelry, accessories and definitely partying all the night. It´s a fun event celebrated almost all over the world and is loved both by adults and children.

How to choose the right costume? It depends on who you want to be on this special day. The good thing about Halloween is that you can be whoever you want to and fulfil all your fantasies, it´s a day for creativity and you can choose the most creative costume ever.

Let´s look at some of the nice options that we have at Envy Corner.

Love green? Our Deadly Kiss Vixen Costume would be a nice option for you. Deadly Kiss Vixen costume features a green catsuit with spaghetti straps, a sheer mesh front panel, a back keyhole opening with a hook closure, sheer mesh side panels, and padded leaf details on the thigh sides.

Or you can be a dangerous or even a lethal woman in our Lethal Hottie Costume. Lethal Hottie costume by Roma features hook back closure green sequin crop top with halter straps and leaf trim detail. Matching high waisted shorts. Leaf leg wraps are sold separately.

Cherokee Inspired Hottie Native Costume is for the sexy ones. Cherokee Inspired Hottie costume featuring a tan top with halter straps, a sheer bust panel, an embroidered trim with feather detailing, fringe accents, a matching skirt with a feathered trim, and a tan headband will make you stand out from the crowd. In this costume, you´ll definitely be the center of attention.

Want to be worshipped by the crowd? Go for our Egyptian Nile Princess Costume Be worshiped in this Egyptian Nile Princess Costume, featuring a corset with an attached gold chain collar, bejeweled with colorful stones, paired with a sheer mini skirt, and a matching bejeweled belt. Egyptian headpiece and arm cuffs not included.

For more Halloween costumes check out Envy Corner´s Halloween Costumes page. Also, make sure you keep track of our page for new Halloween costume. We hope you find the right outfit and make the most out of the amazing upcoming celebration.