The Polka Dot Trend for this Summer can be Your Ultimate Choice

polka dot romperFinally, summer is here. The sun is shining, and one of the best ways to cool down in this hot weather is to go to the pool and show off that summer body that you’ve been working on for all year. With the season of blazing hot beaches and swimming pools, comes one of the toughest decisions to make: what swimming suit should you rock this year?

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place that will help you make that crucial decision. Read on to find out about the trend of this summer that will make your swimming season as perfect as you hoped for it to be.

What goes around, comes around, and this year it is the polka dot pattern. If you want to keep on with the trend, look no further than Envy Corner. These three swimsuits that Envy Corner has to offer are going to be the perfect addition to your wardrobe this year.

Polka Dot Scrunched Front Pinup Romper with Ruffled Waist

This extraordinary piece is made of nylon and spandex, which will guarantee your comfort. Additionally, the design is made in such a way as to perfectly show off your body. The pattern is black and white, so if you like to keep it classy, this is the perfect swimsuit for you. The front scrunches and ruffled waist add to the already trendy pattern of the swimsuit and make sure you’ll shine brighter than the sun.

Polka Dot Red and White Scrunch Front Pinup Romper

The second option has a little more spice to it since the pattern features red and white colors. It is a commonly believed phenomenon that people who wear red clothing are perceived to be more sexually attractive as compared to wearing other colors. Pairing the color red with white in a polka dot pattern might be the perfect match for you. It will attract attention and make you stand out in any situation.

Polka Dot Black and Pink Scrunch Front Pinup Romper

Lastly, this swimsuit will convey the message you want and let you individualize your look through its colors. The polka dot pattern in black and pink is a fashionable choice and won’t let you down if you wish to add a pop of color to your demeanor. Envy Corner has taken care of your worries and has made sure that you will look perfect while standing on the beach with your toes in the sand.

You can thank Envy Corner for coming up with the perfect solution to the dilemma you face every summer. With these three outstanding pieces, you will definitely keep up with the trends of this summer. In this scorching weather, you can be sure that you’ll feel comfortable in your skin and be the center of attention.

Sexy Goddess Costumes for Halloween: Greek, Roman, and Arabian

Envy Corner proudly carries wide selections of Greek Goddess Costumes, Roman Goddess Costumes, and Arabian Costumes for this Halloween.  The lowest prices on name brand manufacturers such as ROMA and J. VALENTINE!

Check out Sexy Goddess costumes for Halloween such as:  Aladdin’s Delight, Egyptian Lover Sexy Cleopatra CostumeImmortal Beauty Goddess CostumeQueen of the Nile Costume, and Cleopatra Cutie Costume

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Sexy Animal Costumes for Halloween are coming!

Choose from variety of costumes from us and get the best deals ever!

This sexy Leopart Catsuit Halloween costume will show off your sexy figure which will make you the ultimate head turner of the party.  With a metallic silver suit, furry hood and ears, this is going to be the most wanted Halloween costume of the year!

LEOPARD Halloween Costume

LEOPARD Halloween Costume





EXCLUSIVE ARMY Halloween Costumes of the Year!

Army and military Halloween costumes can be a great hit at a Halloween party, especially when they are sexy enough.  That is why we are featuring Envy Corner’s exclusive picks of sexy Army Costumes of the year.


Militia Babe Halloween Costume

Militia Babe Costume

Three Piece Militia Babe
Militia Babe Costume


Three piece Militia Babe Army Costume features a sexy Zipper Front Camouflage Dress and a Matching Camouflage Hat. It also includes a Bullet garter

The Militia Babe Costume will make you look like a hottie in Military. Take control, be the focus, the most attractive sexy soldier in the army, and the envy of the Halloween Party!



Sassy Army Brat Halloween Costume

Sassy Army Brat Costume

Five Piece Sassy Army Brat
Sassy Army Brat

This Five piece Sassy Army Brat Costume features a hot Tie top, sexy Shorts with Belt and a matching Hat.  It also comes with a Bullet garter, exclusively by ROMA, proudly made in the USA.

The sexy Sassy Army Brat Costume designed to make you more beautiful, hot, sexy, and attractive. So get in on the fun this Halloween and be the center of attention in this hot and sassy woman costume.

Camo Cutie Costume

Camo Cutie CostumeTwo Piece Camo Cutie

Camo Cutie Costume

Featuring a Two piece Camo Cutie Halloween Army Costume by Roma which includes a hot Zipper Front Camouflage Print catsuit with a Matching Camouflage Hat
Made in USA

This Sexy Army Costume is a head turner ~ Be the Envy ~

Choosing Sexy Lingerie?

Sexy Lingerie

Buy Sexy Lingerie

How hard is it to buy sexy lingerie, right?  This is a question that many men might ask before they buy lingerie for their girl.   Well, before buying one for your woman, you might consider continuing reading.

There are many kinds of hot lingerie that might turn you on, but might create an uncomfortable situation for your girl.  It might not be her style, might not be the right color, of might just not look good on her, in her opinion.  Thus, here are a few pointers in buying sexy lingerie for your girl:

Before you start shopping, think about what kind of lingerie she is already wearing, because chances are that if you buy the same style she will simply love it.  Buying the type of sexy lingerie that your honey is already wearing increases the probability that she will not only wear it, but also will feel comfortable in.  You might find certain lingerie super-hot and sexy, but your girl might find it intimidating.

The reason I’m giving this advice is that not all women look like supermodels.  Some are thin and tall, some are a little chubby or shorter.  So, if you are looking for sexy lingerie for someone who is taller and slender, then you might want to look into corsets and bustier lingerie.  If your girl has a bit fuller figure complexion, then you might want to look in Baby Doll Lingerie or Chemise and Gown Lingerie just because Baby Doll Lingerie wraps the body around with all its curves.

Choosing a color might be easier, since if you are ready to buy lingerie for your special someone, then you have a good idea what colors they like.  If you are unsure, be sneaky and ask her in a way she will not realize you’re buying lingerie for her.

Now you have some idea what kind of sexy lingerie to get her.  So, save yourself some trouble of going into a lingerie shop and having salespeople pressuring and luring into buying something you do not intend to buy.  Choose Envy Corner for all kinds of lingerie at the convenience of your home.  Don’t waste any more time, start shopping Envy Corner’s Sexy Lingerie now!