It’s the Season of Mini Dresses: Choose One to Hit the Club

Finally, the weather is warm, and we can wear whatever we want without the fear of getting cold. It’s time to change up that wardrobe and wear skirts and dresses that were too light for the winter. If you’ve been looking for a fresh new mini dress to greet the warm weather, you’ve come to the right place. Envy Corner is here to offer you 5 mini dresses that will make you ready to hit the club. Read on to find out what you’ll be wearing the next time you go on a night out.

mini dress

Two-Tone Tank Dress

Starting off with something simple and sleek, this black and white mini dress is for those of you who believe that less is more. With a deep V neckline, full panel back, contrasting shapes fitted bodice and figure flattering straight hem; this dress will make all the heads around you turn. And the cherry on top, it is made of nylon and spandex, so you can be sure it’ll show off your body and hide your flaws. 

Iridescent Sequin Mini Dress

Next up is a dress that will literally make you shine wherever you go. It is a green/blue color iridescent sequin dress with a cowl neckline and halter straps. With an open back, this dress will simply make your eye candy.

Mini Tube Black Dress

The third option is tiny and hot. Made of black vinyl, this tube dress will make you the center of attention any room you walk into. It has a gathered front and side slits that show off your body in the best way possible. The little black dress is always a good option.

Cut Out Long Sleeve Mini Dress

This option is for the daring ones. It shows a lot of skin, and you can be sure it’ll turn on all the men in the club. It comes in black, turquoise and hot pink, so you can choose exactly the one for you.

Sheer Black Mini Dress

Last but not least, from Envy Corner’s new collection, we offer you this sheer black mini dress. The dress is made of polyester, cotton, and elastin, so it’ll accentuate your perfections and make you look hotter than ever. The back of the dress is what makes it so special. With bow-shaped accents and exposed skin, this dress is made to be worn with an updo to show off your back.

Overall, these five dresses are only a small part of what you can find at Envy Corner. We are here to make you shine, and you can thank us later for dressing you up for your night out. Get one or even all of these mini dresses and a good night hitting the clubs will be guaranteed.


Time to hit the Clubs: 3 Awesome Look Ideas

With the world of fashion developing so fast, you can’t always keep up with all the new trends. Luckily, there is a loophole. Some dresses are classy, and at the same time sexy, so they never go out of style. If you’ve been looking for a dress that is suitable for any occasion, and will keep you in the spotlight, you’ve come to the right place. Envy Corner has three perfect dresses that you didn’t even know you were looking for. Read on to find out what your outfit is going to be for your next night out.

Black Maxi Dress

Black Maxi Dress

If you’re a fan of long dresses, this is the perfect option for you. The color of the dress is a classic and will go with any accessory you put on. It has a high slit, which will make you look as sexy as ever. Additionally, it is covered with eyelash lace trim details, so you know the dress has character. It is further revealing since it will perfectly show off your cleavage. Perfect for a classy evening followed by dancing in the clubs, you won’t regret you ever got this piece.

V Neck Mini Dress

This option is more for the daring ones. It is a bright burgundy color which symbolizes high class, wealth, and sophistication. The dress is simultaneously sexy due to its V neck that accentuates your cleavage. Additionally, it is a tight mini dress with thick shoulder straps, so, it is revealing and alluring since it will highlight the best features of your body. It is a perfect outfit to wear on a Friday night when you go dancing.

Spaghetti Strap Black Mini Dress

Last but not least, this is the little black dress that everyone needs. Made out of black satin, this dress will emphasize the beauty of your body and make sure you have all eyes on you wherever you go. It is a tight mini dress with spaghetti straps which make it the physical representation of sexy. This will without a doubt become your go-to choice for a night out with your friends.

You can never have too many fancy but at the same time casual dresses. There will always be an occasion that needs such an outfit and Envy Corner is here to help. These three options will become such an inseparable part of your wardrobe that you won’t know how you used to survive without them before. Trust your instincts and get one, or maybe even all of these dresses that will fill you with confidence in any room you walk into.


5 Sexy Pieces from Our Leather & Vinyl Collection

Starting from ancient times, leather has been a sign of power, style, and elegance. Nowadays, it still lives up to those standards, however, it also has a sexy attribute to it. Especially, clothing made of leather or a look-alike material such as vinyl has an underlying symbolism. If you wish to spice up your wardrobe or have an unconventional event coming up, you’ve come to the right place. Envy Corner has the best selection of unique and extravagant outfits that you didn’t even realize you needed. Read on to find out about the five amazing pieces that will make you shine.

Leatherette Black Mini Dress

Leatherette Black Mini Dress

Every woman’s wardrobe should have a little black dress. However, only the daring and risque ones can rock this leatherette outfit. The dress has thick shoulder straps and features a deep v neckline that accentuates your chest by showing off your cleavage. It will fill you with confidence and make sure you have all eyes on you.

Sleeved Sheer Bodysuit

This piece is a perfect foundation for an exhilarating rave or festival outfit. It is a sheer black long sleeved bodysuit that features a plunging neckline and has lace-up details all over the middle. Since it is made of polyester and spandex, it will enhance your curves and make you feel on top of the world.

Rhinestone Studded Bikini Set


The third outfit incorporates a golden colored leatherette strappy cup bra top with rhinestones and a matching bikini bottom. It is perfect for a rave and will show off all your best features. It will also make sure you feel confident and shine anywhere you go.

Black Chain Bra Set

This option is for the kinky ones. It is a two piece set of a chain bra with leather trimming and a matching thong. You can wear this to an extra special and extravagant event or even after a date when you want to spice up the relationship.

Vinyl and Lace Bodysuit


The last outfit is a very special one. First of all, it is made of nylon and spandex, so, you can be sure it will enhance all your beautiful features. The lace-up details all over the back, sides, and bottom make it the sexy bodysuit you have been looking for. It has a vinyl bodice with laces around the cleavage. This bodysuit is a perfect choice if you wish to look daring and bold.

In a nutshell, Envy Corner is your best friend when it comes to finding the most exceptional pieces to enrich your wardrobe and make you ready for any event. With these five pieces, you can be sure to look your best and turn all the heads around you.

New Arrivals: Iridescent Romper with Fringes

Iridescent Romper with FringesEveryone has various outfits in their wardrobes for different occasions. However, once every blue moon there comes an occasion that is so unique and distinct that it requires you to go out of your way and put on the most extraordinary dress there is. If this is the situation that you are in, Envy Corner has the perfect solution for you. Read on to find out about the new romper of dreams.

The Iridescent Romper with Fringes

This magical romper is as unique as an outfit can get. Its little details are bound to make you the center of attention anywhere you go, so, if you wish to have all eyes on you, here is what you can look forward to.

With its gleaming iridescent pattern, this lace-up romper will make sure that you shine not only metaphorically but also literally. The fringes hanging from its waist make the piece even more trendy and eye-catching. To top it all off, with the color variations that are available, you have the option of individualizing the look to make it reflect your personality along with your style.

All black everything

The first color that the dress is available in is black. Psychologically, this color is associated with power, authority, and strength. Whether you are going to a rave, an extravagant nightclub, or a crazy bachelorette party, this romper will help you stand out and feel as confident as ever. You can also match it with some extraordinary shoes to attain even more poise and feel like you’re on top of the world.

Sincerely white

The second option is perfect for a bachelorette party since it is white. This color often represents happiness and purity. With the iridescent pattern, the dress will not only make you look like a goddess but also feel like one. The color goes well with a darker skin tone, so if you’ve managed to get tan during the summer, or were just born that way, this is the perfect option for you.

Rich Green

Another color you can choose is a magnificent green tone. Green is often the color of wealth, so it will make you feel like a million bucks. The color is also associated with the environment and can bring calmness and relaxation. Go for this option if you want to be the center of attention wherever you go.

Magical Purple

The last color variation that the romper is offered in is light purple. This color is one that stands out in any outfit. It has a supernatural vibe and will make you feel like a superhero out of a fairytale even in the most ordinary situations.

Overall, this new addition to what Envy Corner offers is so extraordinary that it is bound to become your favorite piece of clothing you have. Furthermore, the color variations are diverse enough to please even the pickiest shopper. Choose this romper for any marvelous occasion, being sure that Envy Corner will not let you down.

Hurry up to Get Your Special EDC Outfit from Envy Corner

edc-ravewearHurry up to choose your EDC outfit if you have not done it yet. EDC festival will take place in Las Vegas on June 16-18.

If you want to make the most out of the festival, be sure to choose the best costume for the event.

Get all your special EDC and rave outfits from Envy Corner where you will find the best prices for a wide range of fashionable outfits. On our website you´ll find J Valentine’s and Roma costume’s latest rave clothing and outfits.

Are you ready to sparkle with glamour and beauty at your next EDC, dance festival or EDM festival? If so, let´s choose the best rave outfit for you.

Shell Tie Dye Halter Top & High Waisted Short is for the ones who like shell designs. Our shell design tie dye halter rave top and matching high waist shorts is what you need. Enjoy your EDC experience, wearing this super sexy outfit.

Looking for hotter ravewear options? See our Iridescent Top and High Waisted Shorts. Envy Corner´s iridescent top with halter straps and a tie back closure and high waisted shorts with side lace up detail will turn you into the sexiest queen at the EDC festival.

Turquoise color lovers, look no further than our Keyhole Crop Top and Holographic Shorts. You´d love our turquoise sheer crop top with a front keyhole opening, blue iridescent contrast trim and blue holographic shorts.

Do you like jade trance designs? Our Jade Trance Crop Top and High Waisted Shorts would definitely call your attention if so. Crop tank top with jade trance design and matching high waisted shorts is a perfect outfit for the electric daisy carnival. The costume is made in USA and made of polyester and spandex.

Another good option is Envy Corner´s Jade Trance High Neck Top and High Waisted Shorts. Jade trance design high neck tank top and matching high waisted shorts won´t leave you indifferent.

Love balloon designs? Balloons High Neck Top and High Waisted Shorts is an adorable multicolor costume and a perfect match for the EDC event. It is made of polyester and spandex.

How about Daisy Mesh Tank and Holographic High Waist Short? Mesh tank top with spaghetti straps and silver and yellow daisy detail and baby blue mesh high waisted shorts is worth considering as well.

If you are into rainbow designs, check out our rainbow sunshine bodysuit for your next rave or dance festival. Also, our adorable and hot flower child bodysuit will make you the center of attention.

For more EDC, EDM festival clothing and ravewear options, check out our page.

Sparkle with Glamour and Beauty at EDC, EDM Festivals

light-up-dance-topInsomniac and Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas returns with the best in electronic dance music, full-size carnival rides, performers, art and much more on June 16-18. If you want to experience the true world of EDC and feel yourself a part of this special community, be ready to choose the right outfit.

You´ll sparkle with glamour and beauty at your next EDC, dance or EDM festival with Envy Corner´s rave and festival clothing. We proudly carry J Valentine’s and Roma costume’s latest rave outfits.

Let´s uncover the sexiest rave clothing of the season below.

Light up the party and be the center of attention in our Light Up Dance Top. Light Up Dance Top by J Valentine is made of nylon and spandex and features high neck light up sequin mesh halter top. If you are ready to have all eyes on you, this sexy ravewear piece is what you need.

Another nice option is our Two Tone Dance Romper made for the daring ones! Sheer and metallic two tone dance bodysuit with back zipper closure is available in green and black colors as well as small/medium or medium/large sizes. Dare to be different, original and seductive!

Envy Corner´s Starfish Tank Top and High Waist Short is a perfect outfit for those who like bright colors. Starfish tank top and short set features a spaghetti straps mesh pink top, contrast trim, golden star decals and a high waisted short that features a holographic design with a back-zipper closure.

For the ones who prefer gowns, our Sequin Mesh Gown is the best choice. Alluring sequin mesh gown features high neck mesh long gown with a sequin design and high front slits. Be the envy at the festival and make the most out of it.

How about bringing more colors to the festival? In our Purple Sheer Top & Rainbow Iridescent Shorts costume you will definitely stand out from the crowd. Be the hottest lady in the crowd and shine like a rainbow wearing our Purple Sheer Top & Rainbow Iridescent Shorts.

Are you ready for your next rave party or dance festival? Check out Envy Corner´s section dedicated to festival and rave clothing for more options. Also, you might want to check out our dancewear web page that features a vast collection of exotic dancewear fashionable outfits.

Be the Stunning Seductress in Envy Corner’s Clubwear

reddressWhether you are looking for a new party dress or super sexy clubwear accessories to hit the club, you’re in the right place.

On , you’ll definitely find that perfect dress for a night out dancing with your girls or for a special date night.

Envy Corner is the ultimate online store that carries a vast collection of party, cocktail and casual sexy party dresses.

Whether it’s a halter, strapless or tank mini dress, you can explore our online store to experience a new definition of fashion.

Are you ready to show your body with our hot and sexy clubwear ? Then go for it, shop in style, spice up the evening, and be the ENVY of the party!

Let’s have a look at Vinyl Fishnet Black Mini Dress. The vinyl and fishnet dress with underwire cups, front zip closure and zip detail at hem will make you the most confident person at the party and stand out from the crowd.

Nothing is sexier than fitted red mini dress! Be ready to rock the party in Envy Corner’s Lycra and Net Red Mini Dress! Deep V lycra and net halter neck mini dress with ruched back is what you need to be the queen of the club.

Another good option would be our Red Cowl Back Mini Dress .Leave everyone wondering who the stunning seductress is at the party by sporting this slinky red mini dress for the occasion. From the front, this dress is pure seduction, showing off the shoulders and arms with its halter neck. The back’s draped design and double gold chains give this design a sophisticated finish.

Show off your body in our Silver Metallic Mini Dress. This cut out lamé deep V short sleeve mini dress is for the sexy one!

For those who prefer black and gold colors, Envy Corner’s Black and Gold Mini Dress is a perfect selection. This sexy mini dress with thick shoulder straps and metallic gold strapped holster detail will make you shine bright like a diamond in a club.

For more options, check out Envy Corner’s section dedicated to clubwear.

EDC is Almost Here: Find Your Perfect Ravewear

mermaid-costumeEDC Las Vegas is almost here! Are you ready to celebrate the festival under the electric sky on June 17, 18 and 19?

First, make sure that you choose the right costume for you. At EnvyCorner, we are here to help you.

We offer a great selection of rave clothing that will satisfy even the most demanding buyer. Be sure to uncover the sexy rave clothing of the season with our new rave costumes.

Let’s take a look at the following options.

Want to look like a mermaid princess? Then our Mermaid Princess Top and Shorts costume is the right one for you. Mermaid princess top and shorts costume features a metallic green top with a front tie closure and halter straps, a high waisted iridescent short with sheer ruffled sides, black waist trim and back zipper closure. It is made in USA by Roma and made of nylon and spandex. Please note that only top and short are included in the price.

Another mermaid set option would be our Sea Storm Mermaid Set.  Show your sea storm beauty wearing the sea mermaid set. The costume features metallic black top with halter straps and front tie closure, gold high waisted shorts with sheer ruffled detail, black waist trim and back zipper closure. This beautiful Roma costume is made of nylon and spandex and is made in USA.  Includes top and short only.

Those who want to sparkle and stand out from the crowd might find EnvyCorner’s Black and Silver Short Set as a great dancewear option. Turn up the night in this sexy bra and short set featuring halter strap triangle cup bra with back tie closure and sexy booty shorts. It is made in USA by Roma and available in small/medium or medium/large. As the previous costumes, this one also includes bra and short only.

Be as electrifying as never with our Plunging Strappy Electric Print Romper. You’ll definitely look electrifying in this sexy romper featuring halter straps, plunging V-neckline with strappy sides, electric lightning print design, dual back hook closures, and a thong cut back. What else can make you stand out from the crowd more than this special costume?

Find more ravewear options at EnvyCorner’s ravewear section and enjoy the EDC festival to the fullest.

Unlock Las Vegas EDC festival with EnvyCorner RaveWear

3289_electricAre you bound by a deep passion for music, art, discovery, dancewear and rave wear fashion?

Then Las Vegas Electric Daisy Carnival is definitely for you! The EDC event will take place on June 17th, 18th and 19th and will celebrate its 20th anniversary under the electric sky.

If you are going to attend it, make sure you choose the right apparel to stand out from the crowd. Obviously, it’s not an easy task to look unique on such a big event, however, with EnvyCorner’s rave wear collection, you will be able to make it.

Are you ready to choose your unique sexy rave wear for this summer Electric Daisy Carnival? Uncover the sexy rave clothing of the season with our new rave costumes. Sparkle with glamour and beauty at your next EDC or EDM festivals. Envy Corner proudly carries J Valentine’s and Roma costume’s latest rave clothing, monokinis, leg wraps, rompers and bikini sets that you can confidently wear and become the spotlight of the day or night at the pool party!

Envy Corner is your one-stop-ONLINE-shop that offers you the following options of rave clothing and so much more.

As an example, our Flower Power Bell Bottom Pant might call your attention. Be the envy of the party wearing J Valentine’s flower power blue bell bottom pants with large multicolored flowers on the lower pant legs. The costume is available in small, medium or large sizes. It’s made in USA and made of polyester and spandex. Please note that the top is not included in the price. You have to purchase it separately.

Another colorful option is the Tie Dye Printed Hooded Romper. Be the center of attention at your next rave festival wearing the new tie dye printed hooded romper by Roma. That’s all you need.

If you prefer electric romper under the electric sky, our Electric Printed Hooded Romper is made for you. The new electric printed hooded romper by Roma will make you the center of attention. Get the right apparel and turn all eyes on you. You deserve it.

Our Lace Up Long Sleeve Romper features front lace up detail and sexy alien printed long sleeve romper. Wearing the new sleeved galaxy romper by Roma costume, you will look so unique and different!

And why not to show your patriotism wearing the American Flag Romper by Roma. This romper features front zipper romper with a black smiley face.

Want to be very different and rock the festival? Then take a look at our Mermaid Costume Top and Skirt. The costume features mermaid crop top and matching mermaid flared skirt. Make a splash in the new Mermaid costume by Roma.

For those who want to look hot, our Sequin mesh deep V neck romper with leatherette details will be a perfect choice. It is available in black and blue colors and in small/medium or medium/large sizes.

You have so many more options at our rave wear web corner.

Get your sexy costume and don’t miss the coming EDC festival as there is so much to discover!

The Hottest Clubwear from EnvyCorner

envycorner-clubwearWhat every woman wants when she steps into club? It’s to draw men attention and to fix all eyes on her. The best way to get the attention from the opposite sex is to choose the right clubwear outfit.

At EnvyCorner, we are ready to help you find the special hot and sexy clubwear and make sure that you will rock your night in the club.

There’s no way not to look sexy in our sexy Black Halter Cowl Neck Mini Dress. The stunning and provocative design that exposes a lot and delivers on style and sex appeal will help you turn the men down. The dress and is made by Roma Costume and features a black halter style cowl neck, low cut back with a sexy ring chain detail.

How about our Sequin Strapless Clubbing Mini Dress?

Fashionable design and high quality material of this sexy sequin strapless mini dress is provocative and works on all body types. Look like a celebrity wearing Roma Costume’s new sequin strapless clubbing tube mini dress.  Isn’t it your utmost desire?

The dress is available in silver, orange and gold colors and in small, medium and large sizes.

Our Black VIP Mini Dress would be the best choice if you want to look as a club VIP. This sexy short mini dress features a halter neckline with string ties in back. Become the most important person in the club with our VIP dress.

Our Assorted Colors Metallic Lame Mini Dress is an absolute must have. This sexy spaghetti strap curve hugging fitted mini dress and a scoop neckline will help you reach your goal and make your night special.

Our White Shimmering Mini Dress will give you an utterly adorable look! Wear this white shimmering mini dress that features a tank style neckline with shimmering accents, loose fitting bodice, scrunched waistband and flowing skirt.

For more options check out our page dedicated to clubwear. Whether it’s a halter, strapless or tank mini dress, you can explore our online store to experience a new definition of fashion.