Stylish and Sensual Summer Wear – Sexy Swimming Suits

We’re fast-approaching the end of March! With Summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start adding some sexy swimwear to your summer collection! This beautiful two piece from J. Valentine has really caught our attention – and we’re sure you can see why! J. Valentine are renowned for creating stylish, high quality ladies wear which is as fashionable as is it is comfortable, and this bikini is definitely no exception. Read on to discover why you should make room in your wardrobe for this hot summer garment!

Tie-Side Bikini W/ Wood Rings JV3018

Tie-Side Bikini W/ Wood Rings

Tie-Side Bikini W/ Wood Rings JV3018

There’s no season more synonymous with love, passion and liberation than summer. So, to celebrate the spirit of our favorite season, we’ve chosen to showcase this Hippy Chic, Bohemian scrunch butt bikini which features an eye-catching floral print design colored in sensuous, organic turquoise and cocoa hues that look absolutely great on any skin tone.


Pucker-Back Tie-Side Bikini JV3019

Pucker-Back Tie-Side Bikini JV3019

Turquoise represents happiness and well-being whilst cocoa represents wholesomeness and warmth. The result is a harmonious combination of color which gives off vibes of vitality and youth. This bikini was simply made to turn heads and bring looks of admiration. Whether you’re enjoying refreshments by the pool or having fun on the beach, the Bohemian bikini will get you noticed!


J. Valentine have done a fantastic job of capturing the essence of femininity and freedom by flawlessly combining the earthy hues of nature and artistic floral pattern with a sexy, tribal design. The result is a garment that will show off your figure as well as your fun, flirtatious, creative and passionate personality!


Cuddle Bikini with Acrylic Rings

Cuddle Bikini with Acrylic Rings JV2145

The natural theme of the Bohemian bikini is further stylized with elegant wooden style rings adorning the hips and shoulders. These do a wonderful job of adding a unique flavor to the overall design of the bikini whilst simultaneously complimenting and accentuating your beach bod! Even the flowing side ties, which usually serve a purely functional purpose, have been designed to glide effortlessly behind you in the cool summer breeze. All of these elements combine to create a sophisticated sexy bikini which gives off an alluring and exotic, free-spirited island girl look.


We previously mentioned comfort. The Bohemian bikini has been carefully tailored to not only look great, but feel great! The garment is silky smooth to the touch and feels absolutely gorgeous against the skin. The high quality, lightweight stretch nylon and spandex fabric ensures you can wear this bikini all day and still feel fantastic when it’s time to take it off! In fact, you might not want to take it off at all – and we wouldn’t blame you!


There you have it, girls! Our showcase Bohemian Bikini. There’s really no excuse not to grab one of these summer scorchers for yourself – You’ll thank us when you’re at the beach!