EXCLUSIVE ARMY Halloween Costumes of the Year!

Army and military Halloween costumes can be a great hit at a Halloween party, especially when they are sexy enough.  That is why we are featuring Envy Corner’s exclusive picks of sexy Army Costumes of the year.


Militia Babe Halloween Costume

Militia Babe Costume

Three Piece Militia Babe
Militia Babe Costume


Three piece Militia Babe Army Costume features a sexy Zipper Front Camouflage Dress and a Matching Camouflage Hat. It also includes a Bullet garter

The Militia Babe Costume will make you look like a hottie in Military. Take control, be the focus, the most attractive sexy soldier in the army, and the envy of the Halloween Party!



Sassy Army Brat Halloween Costume

Sassy Army Brat Costume

Five Piece Sassy Army Brat
Sassy Army Brat

This Five piece Sassy Army Brat Costume features a hot Tie top, sexy Shorts with Belt and a matching Hat.  It also comes with a Bullet garter, exclusively by ROMA, proudly made in the USA.

The sexy Sassy Army Brat Costume designed to make you more beautiful, hot, sexy, and attractive. So get in on the fun this Halloween and be the center of attention in this hot and sassy woman costume.

Camo Cutie Costume

Camo Cutie CostumeTwo Piece Camo Cutie

Camo Cutie Costume

Featuring a Two piece Camo Cutie Halloween Army Costume by Roma which includes a hot Zipper Front Camouflage Print catsuit with a Matching Camouflage Hat
Made in USA

This Sexy Army Costume is a head turner ~ Be the Envy ~

Soon to be Announced TOP 10 Sexy Halloween Costumes

Envy Corner is soon to announce the top 10 Best Halloween costumes of 2013.  Over 1,500 facebook and pinterest users voted for the best costume of the year.  The results are in and soon to be announced.  In the meantime, here are some costumes, from which the best ones were chosen

Deluxe Bronze Leopard Costume JVCS2308003

Deluxe Bronze Leopard Costume

Deluxe Bronze Leopard Costume

Deluxe Bronze Leopard Costume features Bronze Spandex Leopard Sexy Romper with Zipper Front, for easy put on and take off.  Also Includes an attached Hood, made of Nylon/Spandex.  The Fluffy Faux Fur Leopard Legwarmers with Extra-wide Elastic are made for a perfect and comfortable fit, made of Acrylic Faux Fur.

This Sexy New Costume will gain you far more attention than any other costume. Look hot and provocative wearing the Deluxe Bronze Leopard Costume this Halloween!



Five Piece Gypsy Mistress

Five Piece Gypsy Mistress

Five Piece Gypsy Mistress

Five Piece Gypsy Mistress Sexy Women Halloween Costume Includes a White Top With Puff Sleeves and Lace-Up Black Corset.  It also includes a Layered Skirt, Gold Coin Beltand a Sarong.  


This is one of the sexiest Gypsy costumes by ROMA, the most popular and respected manufacturer of sexy Halloween costumes in the USA.




Mousey Mistress Costume

Mousey Mistress Costume

Mousey Mistress Costume

This Sexy Three piece Mousey Mistress costume features a Crop top and a Skirt with suspenders.  Also includes ears with bow made from Nylon/Spandex.  The color is red/black.

You will definitely, without a question, appear alluring and magical. You can be the cutest and most attractive Mouse at your next Halloween Party in this new Fancy Mousey Fantasy Halloween Costume!