Sexy Corset and Bustier – Make Your Night and Day Count


Velveteen Corset - Sexy Lingerie

Velveteen Corset – Sexy Lingerie

Sexy Corsets and Bustier are the type of lingerie that are called foundation garments.  Corsets line the women’s curvy figure and are usually made to shape the body and are designed to lift and support the breasts, while reducing the size of the waist.  While in the old times, corsets were made to shape up the women’s body curves, today, they can go also go with jeans for a very sexy and casual look.




Basic Instinct Corset Set - Sexy Lingerie - Corset and Bustier

Basic Instinct Corset Set – Sexy Lingerie – Corset and Bustier

It can also go with skirts and under the suit jacket for an evening outing or a professional, yet sexy, business look.  You usually wear a corset to set below the hip line, and when buying a sexy corset, you might not want to buy a long corset, since long corsets are outdated.  Try Envy Corner’s sexy corsets, such as: Velveteen Corset, with velveteen and power net corset with detailed rhinestones.  Or you can certainly make the evening extra sexy with the Basic Instinct Corset Set that includes a thong.  This corset is sexy and strapless that has an attached garter straps and thong.



Animal Print Bustier - Sexy Lingerie

Animal Print Bustier – Sexy Lingerie


Bustier, like mentioned before, is a foundation garment and an extremely feminine type of sexy lingerie, often used as a tool for sex appeal.  You can either show it or not.  If a women wants to be look and feel seductive, a bustier will do the job.  It pushes up the breasts and supports the stomach line, making it tighter and smaller.  You can also pair a decorative laced bustier with jeans or skirts for an extremely sexy look.  With an extraordinary necklace and earrings, you are ready for a fun and sexy night!




Mesh Merry Widow - Sexy Bustier - Sexy Lingerie

Mesh Merry Widow – Sexy Bustier – Sexy Lingerie

Envy Corner’s sexy bustier offers the sexy look and feel.
What I recommend today is the Animal Print Bustier with Ruffle trim and hook, with eye back closure.  This includes a matching G-string. You might also want to try this sexy Bustier Set called Mesh Merry Widow.  This is a two-piece underwire bustier with padded cups and matching g- string.  Very Sexy!



Don’t forget that Envy Corner offers not only sexy lingerie, but also sexy costumes, swimwear, and sexy jewelry.  Check out Envy Corner’s other items.

Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas 2013 is from June 18 to June 25


Electric Daisy Carnival Wear - RaveWear - Shinny Short set
Shinny Short set – Electric Daisy Carnival Wear – RaveWear

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is an international electronic dance music festival event that’s usually held in Spring, Summer, and Fall months. This year, from June 18 to June 25 the Electric Daisy Carnival will be held in Las Vegas. A company called Insomniac founded Electronic Daisy Dance Carnival, which has grown massively over the past few years.

Daisy Carnival Wear - Rainbow hooded bikini Set

Rainbow Hooded Set Pink Back – Electric Daisy Carnival Wear

With an increase from 30,000 attendees to over 180,000 over the past 2 years, EDC is one of the most exhilarating raves of the season. They have the best music by the world class DJs with amazing stage décor, especially stage lighting, that gives stimulus of the night. Insomniac puts up the best events possible and they really go well above and beyond to entertain.


Daisy Carnival Wear Hooded Set Pink Flames Back

Hooded Set Pink Flames Back for Daisy Carnival

One of the things that attracts people to this Rave is the fact that you can act anyway you want, dress whatever crazy rave costume you want, and be a complete weirdo. You can act your crazy self and you’ll have people join along! There is no judgment or weird looks.




What to wear at Daisy Carnival - Sequence Bikini

Sequence Bikini Multi Back for Daisy Carnival Wear

People predict that this year’s Electric Dance Festival will be the most favorite Rave of the Year. Since it’s electric and involves dance, the best Rave costume to show up at this Carnival is in one of Envy Corner’s Rave Wear Collection. Envy Corner has the best Rave Wear, and if you are going to the Electric Dance Carnival, the you need the Rave Wear to go with the electricity that you will experience at the festival.


Wear at Electric Daisy Carnival this hooded Halter bikini set

Hooded Halter Top Set Silver

Displayed in this blog are some Rave Wear Daisy Festival Costumes, where you will definitely find your rave wear to go along with the electric environment.  Whether it’s a Sequence Bikini or Shiny Short Set Rave Wear, you will be the envy of the Carnival with Envy Corner’s Costumes.  Choose several and go party!